Midwifery Care

Andrea Meyer, LM, CPM, of Ocean Midwives, Inc., provides full prenatal, postpartum and newborn care for up to a year after birth. She supports women planning for homebirth, waterbirth, and vaginal birth after cesarean. Also, she has packages to support women planning a hospital birth but want midwifery care for a more holistic, well-rounded, personalized experience.

Her care is comprehensive, including lab work, referrals for ultrasounds and other diagnostics, mammograms and thermograms, annual well-women care, and breastfeeding support.

Andrea’s overall philosophy of care centers around individualized care and the use of informed choice for all the decisions clients have to make. She takes the whole person and whole family into consideration to create their care plan. The client’s well-being includes not only physical health, but equally important is nutritional & lifestyle support, emotional, physical & mental health. Please call for a complimentary consultation!

As a midwife she offers:

  • homebirth & waterbirth
  • doula & monitrice services
  • personalized care packages for women planning hospital births
  • preconception & fertility counseling
  • family planning
  • comprehensive prenatal, postpartum, and newborn care
  • breastfeeding assistance
  • well-woman care & physicals for all ages
  • annual breast exams, paps, STD screening, cultures & blood testing
  • referrals for ultrasounds, mammograms, & thermograms
  • B-12 vitamin injections

Call or email her to book an appointment or to inquire about your insurance coverage.

Andrea Meyer: (760) 436-9166