Katie’s Experience:

My family was initially referred to Dr. Chelf to treat feeding and language difficulties caused by my infant son’s posterior tongue tie, a congenital birth defect that restricts movement of the tongue.  In spite of three frenectomies, my son Logan continued to struggle with breastfeeding and was assessed as having a greater than 50% delay in communication at the age of 6 months.  I had never heard of cranial sacral therapy prior to working with my lactation consultant, and I was skeptical about what it could –or couldn’t–do for my son.  Suffice it to say, Dr. Chelf quickly made a believer out of me.  After just three visits to Ocean Wellness, our nursing experience was substantially and unequivocally improved.   Logan’s tongue felt truly liberated at breast for the first time since birth, and he was able to latch on for an extended period of time without the use of a nipple shield and without causing trauma to my nipples.  But the progress did not end there.   To my husband and I’s delight, Logan began vocalizing complex vowel-consonant combinations shortly after his first appointment with Dr. Chelf, and a recent assessment by a child development specialist showed a 25% increase in his overall verbal skills.  That’s 25% in just 6 weeks!   His oral defensiveness has also significantly diminished, and he is now sampling a wide variety of solids and textures with ease.   Eating and nursing are finally pleasurable experiences for our family, all because of Dr. Chelf.  She is truly a remarkable healer, and we are eternally grateful to have found her.  It is with greatenthusiasm that I recommend OceanWellness and Dr. Chelf for all of your family’s bodywork needs.  In her hands, healing is possible!

Cynthia’s Experience:

I am very fortunate to have Dr. Bridgette as my chiropractor. I met Dr. Bridgette over 13 years ago when I pregnant with my first daughter, Jade.  She helped me with the later stages of the pregnancy and into the delivery process.  Since then she was part of my care with my younger two daughters – keeping me healthy through the pregnancies and getting me ready for delivery.  although each pregnancy was as unique as each child, I stayed healthy, continuing my active lifestyle and yoga practice into the final days.  With my youngest now at four years old, Dr. Bridgette has continued to be part of my life as I moved from motherhood into a new stage of my life.  She has become critical in keeping my body running at 100% with an active work life, family life, and my passion of racing mountain bikes professionally.  All the things I love to do and want to do, I am able to do with Dr. Bridgette’s care.  She has a keen sense – both instintual and thru her trainings, to know what the body needs and how to help it best.  She communicates clearly and helps empower me with the knowledge I need to keep my body in balance. I am grateful to have her in my life as a friend and as a chiropracter.  Thank you, Bridgette.


Yvonne’s Experience:

For what I am about to write, I want to preface that both myself, and my husband, hold degrees in science-based higher education and work in aerospace engineering. We have made the paradigm shift from mainstream western medicine, to more alternative methods of supporting the body. Our brother-in-law is a brilliant chiropractor whose practice is thriving in New Jersey. He is also friends with the Editor in Chief of “Pathways for Family Wellness” magazine. We have personal connections with this wonderful caring alternative approach of healing, giving us a true basis for belief in this methodology. We live in San Diego, Ca.

Testimonial Baby

For a new mom, on her child’s birth day, there are two necessary gifts of service that hold the greatest pivotal importance to help ease her into motherhood: an excellent and highly skilled lactation consultant and cranial sacral therapist. Dr. Bridgette Chelf is the perfect embodiment of the latter of these gifts. As my husband and I had never planned to expand our family of two, we received the greatest present of our lives, a sweet baby boy at my age of forty! What a surprise and a huge learning curve to surmount. Troy is ‘everything we never knew we always wanted.

Kami’s Experience:

My daughter, Annabelle, was born with a tight frenulum and breastfeeding was extremely difficult and painful for both us. We spent many of our early nursing sessions with both of us in tears. We met with a lactation consultant who helped us get Annabelle’s tongue clipped and referred us to Dr. Chelf for CST. After 6 weeks of painful breastfeeding we began seeing Dr. Chelf and started noticing major improvements. During our appointments, Dr. Chelf asked questions and listened to my concerns while working on my daughter in a way that was so gentle and loving. She always explained what she was doing and made sure we were comfortable. After each visit Annabelle was calm and relaxed and a more efficient feeder. Now, at 10 weeks old, we both enjoy breastfeeding without discomfort. We are truly grateful for Dr. Chelf and our experience with CST.


Leah’s Experience:

My family was referred to Dr. Bridgette three years ago to help treat my daughter’s breastfeeding and constipation issues. As soon as we walked in the door, my husband, two-week old daughter, and myself were all politely greeted and we felt an instant connection with everyone that works in the office; We were immediately a part of a new family. We looked forward to every visit we had with Dr. Bridgette; she brought such a sense of relief and the cranial sacral therapy was working! I began to see Dr. Bridgette for myself as a patient and continue to do so currently. In the three years, I also had another child, who was seen by Dr. Bridgette, and again, miracles were worked. I am currently pregnant with my third child, and I have no doubt in my mind that we will be seeing her for this child as well. Dr. Bridgette has been such a blessing to our family and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, Dr. Bridgette, for all you do and continue to do!


Kelli’s Experience:

At this point, Dr. Chelf is a member of our family. I was blessed to visit her for the first time while pregnant with our first child. She was highly recommended from our Hypnobirthing instructor and I was thrilled to find someone who had expertise in adjusting and supporting pregnant bodies. Her knowledge, professionalism, and experience are only surpassed by her warmth, generosity, and compassion. My visits to her always involved me feeling more aligned and healthy, but also more relaxed and grounded. She helped with neck and sciatic issues as well as swelling and nutritional health during my pregnancy. We quickly developed a deep relationship, so much that she was at my bedside at 11:00 PM when I was admitted to the hospital for preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy. We created quite a stir in the hospital as Dr. Chelf didn’t hesitate to jump on my hospital bed to best adjust me and relieve the intense headache I was experiencing. What a memory that sure was for all of us?!

Once our daughter was born, she continued to be a priceless resource for us. We were able to avoid our daughter needing a helmet to correct the effects of torticollus (neck misalignment, tight muscles, and misshapen head) by simply visiting Dr. Chelf for weekly adjustments and exercises. She also helped us diagnose and correct an upper lip tie that my daughter was struggling with a great recommendation. Her whole body approach of care is all encompassing of the structural/physical body as well as the emotional and mental components of health and we highly value her holistic, natural approach. Our whole family appreciates the care we have received from Dr. Chelf as we have remedied headaches, jaw pain, sickness, acid reflux, stomach irritation, and more with her support and care.

Her entire office is comfortable, calming, and full of loving, helpful individuals. You will instantly feel like part of the family too! Again, we feel blessed to have found a health professional that is natural, supportive, and skilled in what she does and truly feel blessed to have them in our lives. Thank you Ocean Wellness and Dr. Chelf!

Savannah’s Experience:

We were referred to see Dr. Chelf by our lactation consultant, in addition to getting our daughter Savannah’s upper lip released when she was two weeks old. It was determined that she was not nursing efficiently due to the imbalance of her head and palette, and that Dr. Chelf could help with her alignment. From our first visit, we were warmly welcomed by Dr. Chelf and her staff, always offered tea or water as we came in the door. As we continued to see Dr. Chelf, Savannah began to improve in her ability to nurse and blossomed into a bright, happy baby. Not only is Dr. Chelf knowledgeable and effective in her field but she is supportive as well. At the time I was weary from lack of sleep and overwhelmed with the issues we were having with nursing. Dr. Chelf’s encouragement and understanding was such a comfort to me at such a challenging time. You can tell that she genuinely cares about her patients and their well-being. I miss seeing her now that Savannah is doing so well!